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Don't use the G-Word: Criminalization of critical academic research in Germany

We learned last week that two of our friends and colleagues, Andrej H. and Mathias B., are charged with “membership in a terrorist association according to § 129a StGB” (German Penal Code, section 7 on ‘Crimes against Public Order’). Both introduced serious research on gentrification (The G-Word to be avoided in future) in Germany and lead the field.

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Picture inside Maze Prison
A library? (Copyright: Nothing Less)

Why prosecute them? Among other silly reasons (see below) they are guilty of having "access to libraries" and being intellectually capable to "author sophisticated texts" - this was enough to lock Andrej into solitary confinement 23 hours a day since 1st August.

We kept our mouth shut since then but after a lot of hard work, our colleagues from INURA Berlin have put together various materials in order to raise international attention and support regarding the case of the 7 persons accused (out of which 4 were jailed).

We document the Open Letter for support below and ask you to print out the undefinedPDF and send the letter to the German authorities (address is inside the PDF). And please spread this information through your networks. Or submit this web site to your social bookmark account (see top right corner).

Use this email for all inquires: einstellung@so36.net

Beware of the G-Word, here comes the text:

We moved the text! See "related news" below

undefinedAnd please: Sign the Petition!!!