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Private policing in neoliberal societies .This one needs more text

The purpose of this paper is to provide a reflection on key developments in ‘plural policing’ since the author’s case study research on security guarding (Selling Security: The Private Policing of Public Space, Willan: 2003) was conducted in 1997-8.

This study was carried out in the UK, one of the world’s most laissez-faire economies, and plural policing past and present in this country is discussed with the aim of helping to establish similarities with, and differences to, other developed political economies.

Background themes that will be discussed in this paper will include the impact of neoliberal economic policies on policing, the nature of pluralization trends, and the professionalization of non-police alternatives to policing as these have become more socially accepted. The current status and future prospects of private policing in a period of fiscal crisis will be discussed, to inform the development of a normative framework for plural policing grounded in the ‘nodal governance’ perspective of Johnston and Shearing (2003) and others.