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Private Security Provision – Still a Highly Contested Terrain in Germany

Earlier this year, Volker Eick spoke with two experts on private security in Germany representing the industry and the unions, respectively. Oliver Arning, spokesman of the Federal Association of the German Security Industry (BDSW) and Peter Bremme, United Service Union (ver.di), shared their views with policing-crowds.org on Germany’s so-called new ›security architecture‹ including both state police and rent-a-cops.

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In detail, they discussed the newly introduced minimum wage for private security workers and the emergence of yellow unions in Germany; the role of new technologies and the importance of the European security market for both the German security industry and the German unions; the deployment of private security personnel on public space and the fight against so-called sea piracy by private security companies on German vessels on the High Seas, and, last but not least, fraud cases, wage dumping, and an exploitation mentality within the German security industry. Both have a long history within the business and far-reaching experience within the industry. Agreements and disagreements among the two are thus more than telling – both clarify that there is no such thing as a security architecture.